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In the modern drying plants, the sludge is dried in an environmentally friendly way and can then be used for energy recovery.

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Only waste heat is used to dry the sludge.

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Energy gain

We turn your sludge into fuel

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A suitable means of transport for every sludge

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Welcome to KVM


KVM is your competent and efficient partner for all tasks related to sewage sludge recycling. We transport and dewater your sludge, dry it in our plants, and recycle it exclusively to produce energy.

The sewage sludge we recycle is done exclusively for energy. We do not recycle it for agricultural spreading since we believe it is not a model for us for the future. Wet sewage sludge or liquid with dry matter between 3% to 5% can be mechanically dewatered to obtain dry matter content between 20% and 25%. Even at this level, the sewage does not burn spontaneously and needs to be dried further.

With an efficient drying process that is carried out in our plants, we obtain dry matter content of 75% and higher. This enables the production of fuel that is similar in combustion levels to hard coal or lignite in power plants! That, is the power that our sewage sludge drying process has. That, is the process that gives you eco-friendly efficient energy!

KVM has tied up with Jean Schaap GmbH Heek and STENAU Entsorgungs – und Kreislaufwirtschaft GmbH & Co for its transport requirements.

The partnership gives us access to an extensive and varied fleet of vehicles to transport sewage sludge in the most efficient and controlled manner. Specifically, we use tanker trucks, container vehicles, and articulated lorries for transporting sewage sludge for dewatering and drying to our plant in Heek and then for delivery to power stations for recycling.

The widely spread transport network of our partners in the region enables optimized logistics, controlled so tightly that we can offer you speedy pickups in the most cost-effectively manner possible.en wir über ein engmaschiges Logistiknetz mit einer hohen Verfügbarkeit und bieten unseren Kunden so eine bedarfsgerechte und kostenoptimale Abfuhr ihrer Schlämme.

Sewage sludge is used as secondary fuel in power and cement plants. It is used as an environmentally friendly alternative to hard coal, lignite and other fossil fuels. The energy benefits derived from sewage sludge are maximum when the dry matter content in the sewage sludge is maximized.


Our drying process using plants at KVM ensures that this eco-friendly alternative is as efficient as it can be, in producing the energy required for power plants and more.

KVM works with municipal and industrial clients to recycle, dry, and convert sewage sludge into eco-friendly fuel alternatives that power plants can use. We use the most efficient methods for collection, drying (in our plants) and re-transporting it as usable fuel for power plants.


Our expertise in the area enables us to do much more. Which is why we consult and provide ideas to you for the most optimum sewage sludge disposal methods best for you. We advise you on the best way to transport and dewater the sludge, dry it in our plants and recycle them exclusively for energy.


The process starts with organizing the sludge for dewatering that can be done at our location in Heek or at the sewage plant. We also work out the logistics with you while discussing various recycling strategies to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution. In addition to that, KVM also provides consultation on technical processes used in a sewage treatment plant management starting from selection of flocculants used for dewatering, logistics, and effective management of the processes involved.

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Efficient and environmentally friendly use of sewage sludge
is our competence!

About Us - the KVM Team

Rolf Schaap
Managing Director

Phone: 02568 9310-60
Email: Contact us
Dr. Georg Grüber
Managing Director

Phone: 02561 9335-35
Email: Contact us
Christoph Feldmann
Operations Manager

Phone: 02568 9310-60
Email: Contact us
Lisa Laurich

Phone: 02568 9310-70
Email: Contact us

Our Cooperation Partners

The Schaap Group is our reliable partner and service provider for animal by-product processing and animal feed production. Visit the Jean Schaap website to know more.


Jean Schaap Website

Stenau stands for reliable and individual range of services at the highest level at the local, industry, commercial enterprise, and private household level. The quality of their service is guaranteed by 250 qualified and committed employees in various locations across three federal states. Visit the STENAU website to know more.


STENAU Website

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